I was born in Mendoza, Argentina. At an early age, I developed a deep love for photography, road trips, and -more importantly- the mountains. My father, a photographer himself, handed me his Pentax and taught me the basics of photography.

Fast forward in time, I moved to the US and started focusing on the visual arts, expanding my vision towards landscape photography. 

Although Miami was my home, the mountains were calling, and I answered the immeasurable desire for exploration.

That's why, after traveling several times to the Rocky Mountains, I settled in Colorado a few years ago, where a new chapter of my life started, wandering and documenting every corner of this beautiful state, first with a Canon 90D, and now with a Sony A7 R IV.

Little would I know that what started as a dream would soon become a passion. That's how "Colorado Wanderer" was born, a nickname I live for.

Welcome to a life of endless adventures.